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Dec 17

122: The Metal Is Dead (tenderlove)

収録時間: 52:27 | Download MP3 (38.2MB)

Aaron Patterson joins me to talk about HTTP/2, Rack and Rails.

tenderlove: Silence my phone, and watch.

miyagawa: You have to stand up every hour, right?

tenderlove: Oh yeah. Yeah.

miyagawa: (laughs) Do you stand up?

tenderlove: Yeah, I do. I'm trying to get like perfect score. I like the game system.

miyagawa: Controlled by the watch.

tenderlove: Uh-huh. Although, like, I'll be programming right, and then it will say "Hey, stand up!" And then I'll just stand up and run around, and Ebi's like "What are you doing?"

miyagawa: (laughs) That's every hour.

tenderlove: Every hour.

miyagawa: On 50th minute.

tenderlove: Yes.

miyagawa: I'm recording this on Monday after RubyKaigi. We're doing this at my hotel room near the venue of the Kaigi. And here's the guest, it is a second appearance on my show - Aaron Patterson, or tenderlove. Welcome to my show again.

tenderlove: Oh, Thank you. Thank you for having me.

miyagawa: So, yesterday you gave a talk about Rack and HTTP/2. I don't think this is the first time ever you've given this talk?

tenderlove: No. First time in Japanese.