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Sep 20

58: Close To The BABYMETAL (tenderlove)

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Aaron Patterson joins me to talk about Rails 4.2, AdequateRecord, Rack 2.0 and his brand new programming language. (Recorded live at RubyKaigi 2014)


miyagawa: はい、じゃあ今日のゲストはたこやき仮面こと、Aaron Patterson.

tenderlove: (laughs) Hello.

miyagawa: You just finished your talk.

tenderlove: Yes I did.

miyagawa: is this the first time you've delivered the whole talk in Japanese?

tenderlove: No, this is the fourth time.

miyagawa: Fourth.

tenderlove: Yeah, fourth. The first time was in Sapporo.

miyagawa: that was two years ago?

tenderlove: Was that two years ago? No.

miyagawa: I think it was.

tenderlove: Was it? Maybe it was. Yeah, two years ago when RubyKaigi took a break.

miyagawa: Yeah. That was a really great talk and your Japanese got so improved maybe?

tenderlove: Thank you.

miyagawa: I was so impressed.

tenderlove: Thank you. I've been practicing for long time. So the first time I did it in Sapporo it didn't go so well I thought. So, I couldn't make it the ... The first time I was supposed to give a 40 minute talk, but I accidentally, like I just went too fast it went it down to 20 minutes. It's way too fast. (laughs)

miyagawa: Yeah.

tenderlove: so I felt a bit better about the time this time I think.

miyagawa: yeah it was a 30 minute talk and you finished almost right on time, and still a slot for questions. Did you think those ダジャレ (dajare) and jokes by yourself?

tenderlove: Yes. (laughs)

miyagawa: That was really hilarious (laughs)

tenderlove: Yeah i had to keep thinking, I was like, I was planning the talk - so whenever I give a talk in English, I make dajare, but you can't translate those, so I have to come up with... so I have to come up with Dajare in Japanese! So I kept thinking and thinking and thinking and finally (laughs) finally I got something.

miyagawa: Yeah (laughs) Most of the dajares were really spot on.

tenderlove: Oh Thanks

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