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Dec 13

121: Ruby Is Not Dying, Not Yet (Laurent Sansonetti)

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Laurent Sansonetti joins me to talk about RubyMotion, Apple, Swift, React Native, LLVM, RubyKaigi, and Ramen.

miyagawa: I'm here at the RubyKaigi in Tokyo, and joins me today is Laurent Sansonetti.

lrz: Yep that's me.

miyagawa: He's a creator of RubyMotion. Yesterday, he did a really great presentation about RubyMotion. I think we are going to talk a little bit about it today.

lrz: Awesome! It's nice to be here.

miyagawa: Glad to have you here. Can you introduce yourself, for listeners?

lrz: Sure. I'm afraid I cannot do it in Japanese... I have to speak in English.

miyagawa: That's fine.

lrz: I can say, Minasan Konnichiwa.

miyagawa: Konnichiwa.

lrz: Yes, my name is Laurent, I'm the founder of a company called HipByte, it's a very small company of five people, and our product is RubyMotion. Before founding HipByte I was an employee of Apple for about eight years, working from Cupertino.

That's pretty much all - I've been a Ruby programmer for most of my career, even if I'm more C programmer on a daily basis, but Ruby is my favorite high level language. I switched from - I discovered Ruby when I was actually a Perl enthusiast at high school. I'm sorry I know you like Perl. (laughs)

miyagawa: Well, yeah. (laughs)

lrz: I used to like Perl a lot, until I wrote a very big piece of software and I could not maintain it. I realize that now of course it’s because I was not a good programmer. Anyone can write bad code in any language.

miyagawa: Well, that's true. But I don't think that applies to you.

lrz: At that time it was kind of weird, so... anyway, I discovered Ruby by accident actually, in IRC someone say "you should try Ruby," because I was about to switch to Python. But eventually I discovered Ruby, and I've been doing Ruby stuff for a while.